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Dear Emo Boy,

I give you my heart because it's all I have to give.

For all the hot emo boys out there.. Oh man.. *die
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About US!

x: We're obviously a non-profit emo boy loving community. Anyone can join, boys who're emo, and girls who love emo boys. It's that simple. You can post pictures of the boys you love, or pictures of yourself (if your an emo boy). It's not that complicated.


x: Vote + Promote
x: DO NOT POST unless you're a stamped member, or unless you are posting an application.
x: No nude pictures.. (as nice as they would be, some don't want it)
x: Be as active as possible
x: Promote some more (can't stress that enough)
x: Be as kind and considerate as you can.. don't be dumb.
x: New member hazing is allowed. (kidding)
x: Promote again
x: Put "You said you loved me and I totally beleived" in the subject box when you post your application.
x: Post whenever possible.
x: To be accepted, you need five votes from the other members, majority ruling whether or not you're accepted.

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Why you ♥ Emo Boys(girls only)
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